The wide range of Rembor General services also includes the design of industrial and commercial facilities.

We are fully aware that a properly prepared concept and, consequently, construction and detailed design are the basis for a perfectly implemented investment. This knowledge is supported by many years of experience in the implementation of industrial facilities based on the submitted design documentation.

We offer a comprehensive implementation of a multi-branch construction project based on the investor’s expectations and suggestions, as well as after the analysis of the technical conditions that must be met by the building being constructed.

We cooperate with a professional, expert design team, for whom the safety of the proposed solutions is the most important, and their innovation – the added value.

Our creative team of designers after a thorough analysis of the client’s needs and in close, partnership cooperation provides designs technically ready for implementation of the turnkey facility.

We are also happy to undertake the optimization of solutions proposed in the project documentation provided to us by the client, which results in a reduction of the costs of the entire investment.

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