Despite the growing importance on the market and increasing range, Rembor General remained a family business. Here, values such as loyalty and long-term view of the organization are important.

This is best evidenced by the fact that in 2016 we joined the group of IFR members – the Family Business Initiative – the largest association of family businesses in Poland. “We are Family. All of you form this family” – says the owner of our company – Dariusz Borysławski during his speech inaugurating the celebration of the 25th anniversary of activity.


Rembor General cherishes values such as mutual help and cooperation, good working atmosphere. It is worth stressing that the Rembor General also focuses on good mutual relations of workplace colleagues.

That is why there are people in the team who have been in it since the beginning of the company’s existence, as witnesses and co-creators of the current market position.


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