Safety Week 2018 summary

Date: 22.05.2018

Safety work celebration on Rembor General’s construction sites is over !

There were many acitivities on our construction sites between 14th and 20th of May.

We present some of them below:

1. Safety work on aerial platfom presentation, speech regarding to electrical measurements of different devices, everyday control of electrical appliances manual.

Tydzien Bezpieczenstwa 2018 - Rembor General

Instruktaż codziennej kontroli sprzetu Rembor General


2. Site Manager presented to the subcontractors and our workers the importance of safety works on the construction site.

Pogadanka - bezpieczne wykonywanie prac na budowach Rembor General


3. We couldn’t do without the morning gymnastics. Our engineers and managers vigorously took part in this activity!

gimnastyka poranna - Tydzien bezpieczenstwa

Gimnastyka na budowie Rembor General


4. The table “Your safety in your hands”, prepared by our workers together with H&S Inspector will remind every day, that we should take care of our safety and our life.

Twoje bezpieczenstwo w Twoich rekach - Rembor General


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