Our Team

Rembor General is made up of people. The vision of the company drawn twenty five years ago by Dariusz Borysławski was based on continuous investing in development, understood primarily as the development of the employed staff, management and board staff.
Only a team of competent, open to new challenges and constantly improving their qualifications professionals is able to give the company such a dynamic growth rate as ours.
To construct sturdy buildings, you need to be able to build good relationships. In our industry the key to success is based on openness, trust and supporting mutual development of partnership. Only it is able to guarantee that no link in the investment chain will break under the pressure of hundreds of tonnes of steel, concrete and glass.

This approach is guided by both our cooperation with investors and the internal relations prevailing in our organization. Rembor General is also created by employees of engineering staff, office and technical facilities workers. Our company is a qualified team with vast knowledge and experience, but also motivation for responsible and professional action.

The Board

Chairman of the Board

Dariusz Borysławski
Managing Director

Piotr Panfil
Chief Financial Officer

Małgorzata Cieślik


Head of The Contracting Department

Kamil Płachta
Management Board Representative for Investments

Małgorzata Bukowska
Head of the Cost Estimating Department

Łukasz Pramka
Contracts Department

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