Extension of Dachser Sp. z o.o. logistic centre in Stryków

Extension of the Dachser Stryków logistics centre, Sosnowiec, Stryków district, province Łódź. Construction of a reloading hall and office building, renovation of the existing hall, external works

Client: Dachser Sp. z o.o.
Area: 8200 m2
Location: Sosnowiec, Stryków
Term: April 2017 - Maj 2019

The international logistics company Dachser Sp. z o.o. is intensively developing on the Polish market, implementing the investment plan has started a construction project in Stryków, the implementation of which was commissioned to Rembor General.

  • The scope of development of the logistics centre includes, among others, the construction of a new reloading hall, adaptation and renovation works in the existing reloading hall, construction of a detached office building.
  • The investment task also consists in changing the external infrastructure, which includes: execution of concrete and asphalt surfaces, retention reservoirs, construction and extension of external networks, as well as various other adaptation works on the investment site.

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