Extension of the existing FF Marka wlasna production plant in Chechło Pierwsze

The construction of a freezer building with a gas-tight function, along with a packing department and an expedition hall, as well as a connector with the existing production plant

Client: FF Marka Własna Sp. z o.o.
Area: 5410 m2
Location: Chechło Pierwsze
Term: maj - grudzień 2014

The subject of the investment in Design and Build system was:

  • the addition of a cold room storage chamber,
  • a packing department,
  • expedition hall connected by communication with the existing plant.
  • The newly designed buildings also included a two-storey link building and a social-office building.

The freezer housing has been made as gas-tight with the ability to control the atmosphere. As part of the project, a reinforced concrete storage reservoir for rainwater, a reservoir with a surface area of 170m2 and a depth of 3.6m, and a maneouvering yard were also constructed.

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