Extension of Merida high storage warehouse in Tyniec Maly

Reconstruction of the high storage warehouse building by enlarging its area, including the implementation of the fire wall and reconstruction of the external infrastructure

Client: Rozbudowa i przebudowa Merida Sp. z o.o.
Area: 4670 m2
Location: Tyniec Mały
Term: March 2016 - November 2016

Extension of the central warehouse for equipment and hygiene products manufacturer – Merida Sp. z o.o. in Tyniec Mały near Wrocław consisted in the creation of additional space for development by extending the shelf sections, separating the firewall of the hall, building a retaining wall, making internal installations, reconstructing external networks and roads.

The construction of the new facility was carried out at the normally working plant. Rembor General was also responsible for the detailed designs.

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